Using intelligent, individually tailored rules, WiseInbox automatically filters and files every single email that hits your inbox, according to plan, saving you time and hassle.

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WiseInbox is free for 14 days and you can
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Not enough hours in the day?

WiseInbox is Your 24x7 Email Robot.

Using our proprietary process, we unlock the rules that are locked inside your head once and allow a computer to take those actions moving forward. This frees you from the cognitive overload that clogs our brains stopping each of us from living up to our true potential.

Nurture your contacts into meaningful relationships.

Build Deeper Connections

Make sure you see emails from important people. Whether they are sales leads, friends or family, make sure things don’t get missed.

Keep sales leads and contacts top of mind when needed. Never forget a followup date, always remember birthdays and anniversaries.

Get more done in less time

Eliminate distractions and hone in your most important messages.

With our premium service, we understand the actions you make and automate them for you. When we automate the actions you would normally take, those decisions are no longer bogging you down and taking your energy.

With the self service option, build your own rules as you learn to think differently about email. Our prebuilt rules come with every account and allow you to jump in quickly.

Give us an hour and we’ll give you a minimum of five back a week

Staying sane amongst a mountain of emails is helpful, but programming your inbox to be wise is so much more valuable.

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