Work Overload

How to Create More Time for Family

When you are busy with work, it can be hard to get that balance you need in your life to maximize happiness. I don’t know about you, but providing for and spending time with loved ones is the reason I work. Nobody lays on their deathbed and says “I wished I worked more,” the biggest regrets usually come from how involved they were with family. Below you can find some helpful tips on how to spend less time on work and more time for family, no matter how difficult your situation might seem currently.

Steps to Make More Time for Family:

  • Change your hours

Take a look at the current hours you do at work and see if these can be switched up slightly for your convenience. Obviously this will not be possible for everyone, it really depends on where you are on the ladder in terms of employment. If you are your own boss or pretty high at the top, amending your hours should be pretty easy by pulling a few strings. How you change your hours totally depends on your situation and what you need to prioritize at home. If you have children of school age, working when they are in education is advised. This means you will both come home at the same time and you will have more time to spend with them. Having at least one day off at the weekend is really important and means you have the entire day to relax and have “you time”. If it is possible and you can afford to do so, maybe you can even give up a few hours at work? Not only will this help you make more time for family, it might also take some of the strain off.


  • Make “to-do lists”

Stop trying to get it all done in 1 day. Cramming too many tasks into your day will make you more tired and could cause you to do some unnecessary overtime that will take you away from your family even more. Making lists at the start of each and every working day will mean you know what has to be done and how long you have to do it. It also means you can work through your list quicker and are less likely to procrastinate. Being organized will also mean you can see what areas you can afford adjust (see the next point about working from home as a further idea.) Making to do lists at home about chores, activities with the children.etc. can also be really beneficial to you. An organized work/home environment means an organized brain, which actually makes you happier in your day to day life.


  • Work from home

    Working from home will not only save you the commute time but also give you more opportunities to spend time with your family.  If you have all the equipment to work at home, usually this is just a computer, why not do it? It might not be for everyone if you don’t work well with distractions but it is a viable option for many people. If you are your own boss, working from home should be a hassle-free transition but if you have a somebody who you have to answer for, some gentle persuasion might be needed. Skype and other video calling apps help you feel connected to your colleagues even if you are working from home. Just one or two “work from home” days could make all the difference to your work-home balance.


  • Consider outsourcing as an option

    If you are in a position to out source some of your work so that you can reduce your hours or have less stress when you get home, then definitely do this. By outsourcing, you are basically giving some of the work that you have to other companies or different departments in YOUR company. This might involve hiring more members of staff and it will also cause a financial burden, so weigh up the pros and cons of this option and assess whether you can afford it. Intelligent outsourcing can help you and help your company. Sometimes outsourcing is necessary but often, it is just the better option for your personal life and being fulfilled outside of work. Whatever the reason, look more into this to establish if it’s right for you.


  • Make the most of your time with family

    Hopefully by now you have freed up time to spend with your partner and/or kids, now you just need to make the most of it! It can be really easy to take work home with you and let it affect your emotions and attitude, even when you have finished at the office for the day. Being tired can also be an issue when you are home with the children and might mean that you do not do the kind of fun activities that you would usually be doing with them.

    Keep work in work, shut your brain off and concentrate on the most important part of your life – your family.

    Make sure however that you are getting a good night sleep in the evening to give you energy for your working day and family time afterwards.

    A healthy diet and staying hydrated throughout your day might seem like unrelated tasks but can be very helpful in giving you energy and making you happier.


I hope that you have found some of the mentioned tips in this article helpful. Every situation is different but by putting in the effort, you should be able to get a work-life balance that suits you. If you are working really hard but have hardly any time to have fun or just spend quality time with the people you love, you’re really doing all that work for nothing. A stable job SHOULD be in place to improve your quality of life so take any steps you can to ensure that this is the case rather than work yourself into the ground.

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